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   Our company was established in 1991. The main focus of Kazet Ltd. production are garden furniture, pain furniture boards and other pine wood products. To satisfy expectations and needs of our clients we offer them garden furniture sets, single items of furniture as well as compositions of garden furniture designed by the clients themselves. 

   The history of our company dates back to the first half of the 80s. At that time it used to be a small carpentry workshop situated in Tomaszow Lubelski, which was specialized in producing wainscot, floorboards and in drying sawn timber. Due to the increase of interest in our products and service we wished to expand our production capacity and we decided to build a sawmill in the nearby spot – Belzec.

   In 1991, the privet workshop was transformed into KAZET Ltd., a company that has been prospering under the same name from then on. Alongside with the transformation of the company the profile of the production changed too. Garden furniture has been the main product in our offer since then. We focus especially on picnic sets, the majority of which we exported to the western market. Due to the high quality of our furniture, our reliability and maintaining the schedule of realization more and more clients enjoy the cooperation with our company.

   In 1994, to develop and expand our company, we decided to buy off a woodwork workshop in Nerol. From the moment of adjustment of the workshop to the production of furniture, every stage of the production, starting from the woodwork of the timber through its drying to the forming of the ready products, is accomplished in our company. We do our best to provide our clients with the products of the highest quality therefore, we constantly implement new technologies and invest in development of machinery.

   Today KAZET, with its  registered office in Tomaszow Lubelski, owes three production plants in three different spots and employs several dozens of people. Our partner and suppliers are renowned Polish companies like SNIEZKA, POLIFARB DEBICA, SLAWEX (all-Poland branch of PSB Group) and STATE FORESTS.

   The high quality of the raw material used in production of our furniture, our long-term experience, qualified personnel and specialized machinery guaranty the reliability of our furniture and the comfort of its usage. 

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